DECISIOInsight is easily accessible.
At the bedside
DECISIOInsight displays consolidated patient information on a dedicated display.
At a nursing station
DECISIOInsight provides an overview of patients in a unit of interest.
On mobile devices
DECISIOInsight can be accessed in mobile views and can send alerts via text.
Rapid response
DECISIOInsight supports rapid screening of large patient populations with all the critical data for intervention.
DECISIOInsight provides robust situational awareness to ensure clinicians quickly ascertain a clinical picture of patients through visual cues, and execute treatment protocols on display. DECISIOInsight works with each hospital to customize the layout of the display to suit the needs of their respective workflow.
Color Scheme
& Time Stamp
DECISIOInsight varies the display of physiological and other clinical data by color. Where a hospital unit has defined bounds, data will be displayed in green, yellow, and red. When parameter is out of bounds or an element needs clinical attention according to the unit’s own protocols, the data is displayed in red to catch the clinicians’ eyes.

All data is marked with a time stamp, so the care team knows when the lab resulted.
Snapshot Values
Live patient information is grouped
and presented in relevant clinical blocks. DECISIOInsight takes care to make sure this
information is displayed in an easily digestible manner, using fishbone diagram standards, for example.
Trend Lines
Live patient information is
presented in a graph over a given time period determined by the unit. Most data elements can be similarly trended. This helps identify chronological clinical events.
Bundles of care
DECISIOInsight displays a hospital-provided list of clinical protocols or bundles of care. After care teams can be actively alerted based on the protocol parameters. This clinical decision support is designed to increase compliance to the organizational protocols.
Patient Surveillance
Those patients who, according to the hospital’s own protocols, require additional clinical attention, are prioritized to the top of the screen. And more information is displayed, relative to their condition.
Visual alerts and screens are calculated automatically and notify attending physicians of a positive result.

DECISIOInsight provides a surveillance view of patients in a unit of interest.

DECISIOInsight displays overview patient information, including any care modules that have been specified for the unit.

Medications, lab values and vital trends can all be viewed on a mobile device.
DECISIOInsight displays a list of current administered medications with their respective nephrotoxicity, dosages, route, frequency, time elapsed since, and total duration of administration. Medications that are color coded by the category renal and hepatic impact designated by the hospital's team. We combine this with the unit's creatine calculation criteria to alert clinical teams of potential acute kidney injury by creating the renal bundle of care. Using other labs and protocols, a hepatic bundle of care is available as well.
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