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How does Decisio work? 

Decisio works with your hospital's EHR, such as Epic or Cerner. The application COLLECTS data effortlessly from your hospital’s information systems. Decisio then works with your physicians and nurses to UNDERSTAND and interpret that data and your hospital’s protocols unit by unit. Decisio360 presents customized DISPLAYS of your hospital’s information, helping decrease time to intervention and decrease variability of care.
Our application sits in the streams of information already flowing around the hospital, among the vitals systems, the lab systems, the medication systems, and the EHR, among others. The software receives and interprets that data flowing between these systems, and builds its high resolution clinical data repository in your hospitals data center.  

Total time for initial installation to connect to labs, vitals, and ADT? Less than one week.
Decisio customizes the view of that data with a hospital’s own protocols, unit by unit. Our physicians work with your physicians. Our nurses work with your nurses. Hospitals set the prioritizes and Decisio takes a consultative approach to build the view of the clinical data that is most meaningful.
The customized views are accessible from any computer, tablet, or mobile device, and from persistent, dedicated displays in the patient’s room, powered by Decisio provided hardware.

Decisio is compatible with any hardware that runs a modern browser.  Mobile solutions can be viewed on iOS or Android devices.
So Decisio gets the information from the EHR?

Not as much as you’d think. Most IT solutions are EHR “bolt-ons”. They require customized integration with the EHR, and the burden of that integration is on the hospital. 
Decisio is different. Decisio is a standalone solution that uses the already existing data feeds, regardless of what EHR the hospital uses. The Decisio team then does the heavy lifting interpreting those data feeds to pull out the information needed for our displays.
Additional support for no additional cost
Decisio has no hidden costs and includes ongoing support. There are no additional fees or change orders for additional customization. If your hospital changes a protocol just let us know and we’ll have it deployed remotely in less than a month.

Even, if there are major changes in equipment or systems, e.g. EHR upgrades, Decisio will support the implementation of those changes at no additional cost.
What about privacy and security?
Decisio is fully compliant with the security systems of your hospital. All of the data resides in your hospital’s data center. Decisio is fully compliant with your security policies that are laid out by the patient privacy officer, regarding what information is displayed.

Every product and every monitor in your hospital room is reviewed for quality and accuracy by the FDA. Decisio is no different. All of the data displayed on Decisio conforms to your HIPAA standards and complies with your HIPAA policies.  The software is tested for quality at those same exact standards, so you can trust what you see on your displays.
What does my IT department need to know?

Decisio can be up and running within 90 days.

  • No custom data feeds.  Decisio can get up and running using existing vitals, labs, med orders, and ADT feeds. 
  • All hardware is remotely managed and monitored by Decisio at no additional cost.
  • No data pushed back to the EHR. We focus on read-only clinical displays and increase protocol compliance and decrease time to intervention.
  • Decisio works with your systems and policies. It can authenticate with your LDAP. It can use your secure messaging service. Everything is web based, can authenticate with your LDAP system and does not require additional special software.
Learn what Decisio can do for your hospital.
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