Point of Care Dashboard

Individual patient monitoring

✓ Displays consolidated patient information on a dedicated monitor optimized for rapid interpretation 

✓ Provides a display of the patient story that is updated as new data becomes available

✓ Configures physiological parameters to each unit's specific needs using their protocols

✓ Provides proactive, meaningful alerts to smart-phones, tablets or pagers for rapid intervention

✓ Activates Early Goal Directed Therapy from any workstation, phone, or tablet

✓ Provides an instant view of ordered and administered medications, along with their impact, to things like nephrotoxicity 


Population Surveillance Dashboard

Monitoring of large patient populations 

✓ Displays populations of patients  in a visually optimized format for rapid interpretation

✓ Can be configured to filter and stratify patients in countless ways to optimize workflow

✓ Prioritizes rapid response for patients at greatest risk of decompensation

✓ Allows surveillance across a unit, a hospital, or an entire enterprise

✓ Provides an innovative solution for telehealth expansion