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Fearless, Focused, and Fatigued: Data Overload and the Art of Rock Climbing

Must stay focused. Stay fearless. Stay strong. Oh, and don’t fall 4,000 feet down Cannon Mountain...

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The Psychology of Red: How Mandrill Monkeys Pioneered Data Visualization

The color red can cause a person to slam their car brakes so forcefully that the $7 coffee THEY held lovingly splatters to its premature death.

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Patient-Centered Care: Decisio Health Brings Transparency to Clinical Decision Support

Clinical decision support, unaltered from a provider-facing format, has never been made available to hospital patients – until now.

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Superheroes, the Invisible Stuff, and the Importance of Trend Lines

While a doctor pours over copious EMR data, a noticeably tall nurse with unusually shiny wristlets approaches...

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Hospital design and technology in the Trumpcare era

In his first few weeks in office, President Trump has very quickly put into action many of the promises he made on the campaign trail...

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Hospital Design & Technology in a Time of Political Change

From a design and construction perspective, this may not have too much of an impact on any plans for growth...

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3 Things EHRs Can't Do For You and Why

Electronic health records have been the bedrock of hospital systems for decades, providing crucial billing and patient management services.

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5 Job Skills You'll Need in the Future

Any career expert will tell you that keeping your professional skills sharp is the key to landing a job. What's in demand today may be old news in a year or two...

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