Decisio empowers hospitals to identify gaps and continuously make improvements in processes and training. In turn, clinicians make reflective changes to deliver protocol-compliant and timely patient care.*
Digitize hospital protocols and data visualization
Real time proactive clinical decision support
Automate compliance and quality reporting
Identify gaps in patient safety
Decrease Variability of Care
Decrease Time to Intervention
Promoting adherence
which leads to lower mortality,
length of stay, and cost
*Fakhry, Samir M et al.  Trauma Center Finances and Length of Stay: Identifying a Profitability Inflection Point. Journal of American College of Surgeons.  Vol 210.  May 2010, 817-821
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Decisio is for the entire hospital.
Learn how Decisio helps improve patient care for:
To look for patient data, physicians laboriously dig through the EMR, manually assessing and calculating clinical values and compiling trends for each of their patients. This eats up time and cognitive capacity that could go to patients. 

With DECISIOInsight, physicians can observe trends in patient data and quickly identify clinical concerns according to their own screens and protocols. Tedious searching and calculating are outsourced to Decisio, so physicians can now direct more of their time and energy to providing better patient care.
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Today's increasingly complex hospital environment presents difficult challenges, especially for nurses. Nurses have to juggle medication administration, lab results, and the many important tasks that add up to high quality care, all while ensuring patient satisfaction.

DECISIOInsight are designed to take on some of that burden. Nurses can now view calculated screens and real-time lab results in one glance, with simple visual alerts that help make sure nurses are getting all the little things done every time.
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Data-driven hospital management is hardly feasible today. Administrators are limited to retrospective analysis of protocol compliance and patient safety measures. And at system level, it’s impossible to understand the clinical operations across different hospitals.

Decisio automatically generates patient safety and quality reports that allow  administrators to assess their hospital’s performance unit by unit, shift by shift. This provides real time transparency of hospital operations to identify gaps in patient safety and opportunity to improve clinical and financial outcomes.
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Collecting scientifically rigorous patient data is time consuming and challenging. Clinical researchers can try the EHR, but can wait for six months and often get the wrong data in the end. Or they can rely on clipboards, but how do we put this research into practice when the clipboards leave?

With Decisio, clinical researchers can access clean clinical data to conduct robust protocol-improvement research and deploy those insights into practice in less than a month. Clinical research accelerates and, in turn, empowers hospitals to quickly learn and enhance their patient care regimen to ultimately improve patient outcomes.
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