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DECISIOInsight® identifies risk and reduces the time to intervention using real-time clinical surveillance with data visualization


Clinical Dashboards

Point of Care or Population Surveillance

Bedside monitor dashboards

Command center dashboards

Work station on wheels dashboards

 Mobile or tablet dashboards with push notifications

Pager notifications




Point of Care Monitoring

Individual patient monitoring for real-time, personalized surveillance and decision support.

Consolidated patient display on a dedicated monitor for a continuous, visually optimized view. Hidden insights for early risk detection and decreased time to intervention. Prevention of adverse outcomes that could otherwise go unnoticed.


Population Surveillance

Surveillance of large patient populations with all the critical data necessary for prioritized and rapid intervention.

Visual optimization of population of patients for rapid ingestion and interpretation by the end user - such as a command center nurse. Meaningful, real-time notifications for prioritization for rapid response for high risk patients.


Right care. Right place. Right time.


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DECISIOInsight® is a vendor agnostic, web-native FDA 510(k) class II medical device.

It aggregates disparate data and applies your customized Bundles of Care to identify risk and reduce time to intervention.

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