Actionable Information, Better Patient Care
We empower clinicians by eliminating barriers between better patient care and available data.
Decisio is a software platform and the first web-native FDA 510(k) cleared Class II medical device that fully utilizes all of your clinical data in real-time to improve and deliver timely and compliant patient care. Decisio Health’s Clinical Intelligence Platform helps improve patient care by bridging the gap between a hospital’s inaccessible wealth of data and the day-to-day needs of a clinician’s workflow. Decisio provides a transparent view of hospital operations for administrators.
Our Solution
Decisio has proven to decrease time to intervention and increase adherence to protocols which can decrease mortality, length of stay and cost.
Decrease Variability of Care
Decrease Time to Intervention
Lower Mortality,
Length of Stay, & Cost
by Promoting Adherance
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Decisio enables clinicians to monitor patients on a single screen, easily accessible from compatible web browsers, be it on a television, smartphone, tablet, or computer.
Dedicated display of patient data at the bedside.
Access to patient data at your finger tips
Full unit surveillance in a single view
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The following hospitals are currently Decisio customers and work closely with us to develop and test new enhancements.
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