Fulfilling the Quadruple Aim of Healthcare

Clinical Surveillance Visualization System

Empowering healthcare organizations to drive down cost, improve clinical outcomes,
enhance the patient experience, and reduce clinician frustration.

FDA 510(k) Cleared
Patients cared for with Decisio since 2013
Decisio improves the patient and clinician care experience by aggregating disparate data to transparently close the gaps we see in practice today. By design, it offers unprecedented flexibility for a healthcare organization to build novel monitoring solutions, smart notifications, and customizable clinical decision support. Additionally, DECISIOInsight is a vendor agnostic, "web-native" FDA 510(k) class II medical device.
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Decisio fulfills the Quadruple Aim of Healthcare

Decisio has proven to decrease time to intervention and increase adherence to protocols which can decrease mortality, length of stay and cost.*
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*Fakhry, Samir M et al.  Trauma Center Finances and Length of Stay: Identifying a Profitability Inflection Point. Journal of American College of Surgeons.  Vol 210.  May 2010, 817-821Edbrooke, DL et al. The patient-related costs of care for sepsis patients in a United Kingdom adult general  intensive care unit.  Crit    Care Med 1999 Sep; 1760-7Derek, Angus et al.  Epidemiology of severe sepsis in the United States: Analysis of incidence, outcome, and associated costs of care.   Crit Care Med. 2001 Jul 1303-1310Talmor, D, et al.  The costs and cost-effectiveness of an integrated sepsis treatment protocol.  Crit Care Med.  2008 Apr.  1168-74
DECISIOInsight enables clinicians to monitor patients on a single screen, easily accessible from compatible web browsers, be it on a television, smartphone, tablet, or computer.
Dedicated display of patient data at the bedside
High yield remote monitoring, eliminates alert fatigue and allows for quick actionable intervention from your device
Full unit surveillance in a single view
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The following hospitals are currently Decisio customers and work closely with us to develop and test new enhancements.
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